Sunday, October 16, 2011

State Fair, 10/16/11

This has been the best performance at the State Fair ever!!!!  I love my students they were fantastic!!!  Kudos to the Tilzers (Kay, Pamela and Stacey) best performance of Ali you have ever done!!!

Today's performance was so much fun!  There were 14 of us this year with several newbies performing at the State Fair for the very first time.  Everyone looked beautiful in their costumes!

The stage was not the best with the usual dips and this year they did not tape the seams so there were nice gaps of a 1/2" throughout the stage.  Everyone navigated it very well and thank goodness they swept the stage for us before we went on.  The sound guy this year rocked!

The audience was small when we started since we started when the fair opened and it grew midway through to the end; and they were a great audience, clapping, smiling and enjoying themselves.

Below are photos from today with behind the scenes shots :-)

Group shot before we performed

Laurette and Kay

The Line-up :-)

Melissa with Lisa in the background

Rachel and Kelley

Debbie, Elizabeth, Pamela & Stacey

The rest of the photos are action shots during our performance.  I was behind everyone on stage so some are a little dark and of course the back of everyone.

Kay, Pamela & Stacey

Kay, Pamela & Stacey during Ali





Lisa & Melissa

Melissa & Kay


Pamela & Kay


Our next performance is the Chandler Light Parade Dec. 3rd.

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