Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mesa Arts Center Belly Dance Classes October Performances, 2012

I'm really behind posting performances to my blog; sorry.  Our class recital was October 17, 2012 and what a performance it was.  We had lights and a sound guy; boy did we get spoiled that night! :-)

This recital was just before we performed at the State Fair so the evening was filled with not only dances from the 7 week session it also included group and solo dances for the State Fair; you could say it was our dress rehearsal.

Below is our group photo of the nights performances at the recital.

Group photo before the recital
We had a blast at the State Fair this year.  We opened the fair at 10:00 in the morning and we rocked the place!  I have such a great time performing with my students!!!
Group photo before the State Fair show

Silly photo from the State Fair group :0)

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