Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fully Fusion IV, 7/9/11

It was a very hot & sticky night last night ending in a storm just as we finished our last performance at Fully Fusion IV. 

We arrived at the theater around 6:30 and it was cooler outside than in any of the buildings.  The theater was very small so the performers had to stay outside and stay cool the best we could waiting to go on.  The show started at 7:30 and my students and I performed 3 numbers throughout the evening.  The majority of dancers after their performance took off since it was miserable outside and no place to sit.

Our first number was a Tribal Asian Fusion Thai Nail routine with 6 of us, than Rachel, Melissa, Lisa and Debbie performed a cane dance to Candyman and 8 of us ended the evening with a gypsy song "Lest Sexy" by Shantel.

Just as we were waiting to go on for our last number the dust storm hit; we performed and headed for our cars and left.  On the way home we had rain in Phoenix and the best lightening show I've seen in awhile.  No rain in Mesa at least on the drive home :-(

Below are photos from the evening mainly of us goofing around waiting to perform.

group shot when we arrived


Stacey & Lisa



Pamela, Stacey & Kay

Me & Kay

Lisa & I

Lisa & Rachel

Lisa & Rachel

Lisa, Rachel & Debbie

Stephanie & Lisa

Stephanie and Lisa were the very first performers of the evening and I snapped a photo after their performance as they were leaving.

Next event is our class recital on 7/13/11.

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