Monday, March 7, 2011

Last Class Recital March 2011

Last class recital was awesome!!!!!!  It was the best recital and my students did fantastic!!!  After warming up all my classes and running through the routines we started the evening with a group photo. 

The first performance of the evening was the drum class playing several rhythms they learned in their very first class and thanks to the many dancers that got up and danced to their music.  I was proud of the drummers they were wonderful. 

The Tuesday beginning class was up next performing their routine, "Dance of Life".  Next up was the beginning Wednesday class performing with Voi.  Sorry ladies that we didn't have much room to perform our dance.  You were all real troopers continuing to dance when your voi was hitting the wall and getting tangle with other dancers.  Next session no prop! :-) 

The beginning Thursday tribal performed their drum solo and rocked the house.  The beginning Wednesday tribal class I apologise to you all also for lack of room to perform our veil dance.  I think I hit Lisa several times during the dance; sorry Lisa. 

The intermediate Tuesday class was tremendous with their zill routine!!!  I started the dance off way too fast as I always do and they stayed with me the entire time; way to go ladies! 

The evening ended with the intermediate tribal class perform their tray dance and it was amazing.  I haven't had a chance to check out the video and will be making a short video clip of all the dances and will be posting it to this blog soon.

Below are photos that Rachel took of the performances she wasn't in and that I took with of folks in the audience watching the show.

MAC Classes start March 22nd, 23rd and 24th with my MCC classes starting on March 21st.  Hope to see you all back in class.  Take care...