Friday, May 11, 2012

May 2012 Class Recital

What a recital; ladies you rocked the house!!!!!!!  This was one of the best recitals we have had!  Thank you to all my students that braved the weather that night.  You all looked amazing in your costumes and performed wonderfully.

Below are photos from my camera and some for Joe; thanks Joe for attending our recital and taking such beautiful photos.  If you'd like to see all of Joe's photos visit his website!i=1839465026&k=QdVmRxv.
Group Shot

Dawn & Pamela

Dericka, Dana & Alice running through their dance before recital

Me & Roxy far left running through the skirt dance before recital

Gilbert class running through their dance before recital

Beginning tribal class running through "U Can't Touch This"

Intermediate Cabaret class running through the skirt dance

Watching and waiting their turn to warm up

Jackie & Suzanne (MC Hammer)

Me, Teresa, Debbie (MC Hammer)

Rachel (MC Hammer)

Group (MC Hammer)

Teresa & I (Skirt)

Jessie (Skirt)

Laurette (Skirt)

Me & Laurette (Skirt)

Me, Laurette & Roxy (Skirt)

Roxy (Skirt)

Intermediate Tribal Sword

Debbie & Teresa (Sword)

Suzanne & Debbie (Sword) 

Carol (Veil)

Dawn (Veil)

Dawn (Veil)

Me (Veil)

Pamela (Veil)

Elizabeth (Veil)

Anna (Veil)

Gilbert Class - Reda

Cindy, Me & Jody (Reda)

Cindy (Reda)

Pat (Reda)

Thai Nails

Dana (Thai Nails)

Dana & Laurette (Thai Nails)

Dawn (Thai Nails)

Guest Dancer Rhonda

Guest Dancer Melissa

Paula Soloist

Debbie Soloist

Guest Dancer Christine

Next recital will be July 24th.