Friday, March 14, 2014

Daddy-O's, 3/8/14

Daddy-O's was a blast!!!!!  This was our first trip to Daddy-O's and we all had so much fun!

Both cabaret and tribal classes were represented that night from my Mesa Arts Center classes.  The cabaret class went on first doing a routine I taught by Jenna.  The tribal class went on next and we performed to "I Like to Move It".  I'm so proud of everyone that performed we rocked the house.

Teresa and Rosario both performed a solo and all of us danced to the drummers in open dance.

I took a few photos and sorry tribal class no photos of us performing since I was performing with you; I need to get a photographer to follow us around :-)

Till next time...

Mesa Arts Center Belly Dance Class Recital, 2/27/14

I'm really behind in Blogging everything that has happened so far this year.

Here are a few photos from our class recital on February 27, 2014.  I didn't have anyone in the audience to take photos throughout the evening; sorry no group routine photos :-(  My hubby is taking video so he can't take photos for us.

Group Photo





I still need to edit the video from the last couple of recitals and post them to YouTube; hopefully soon they will be done.   See everyone in class...

Yasmina's 20th Annual Swap Meet, 1/18/14

What a fantastic day it was!!!  My 20th swap meet was awesome and I couldn't have asked for a better day.  The weather was perfect, great friends, lots of dancing, a nice variety of vendors, I'm still on Cloud Nine.

Thanks to Paula I got some unbelievable photos from the day; enjoy...


Thank you to everyone that attended my annual swap meet and making my day so special!

New Dance Session Starts Tuesday March 25th!

The new dance session starts Tuesday March 25th with beginning 2 cabaret and intermediate cabaret classes. 

The beginning 2 cabaret class will be learning an Egyptian style routine with the intermediate cabaret class learning something different this session, Voi. 

Wednesday night is tribal night with beginning tribal 2 class learning a skirt dance with a gypsy flare and the intermediate tribal class learning a hand candle dance.

Thursday night is beginning basic classes in both cabaret and tribal.  For the cabaret class is a veil dance and something new for the tribal basic class a choreographed dance along with basic moves.

Below is info on times, dates, registration info and costs. 

Spring Session (March 25 - May 8)
bellyrobicsCAW14DNC007-11 T Jan 14 - Feb 25 5:30-6:30pm $53 YR $62 NR
beginning belly dance 2
(Egyptian Style)
CAW14DNC003-11 T Jan 14 - Feb 25 6:30-7:30pm $53 YR $62 NR
intermediate belly dance (Voi)
CAW14DNC004-11 T Jan 14 - Feb 25 7:30-8:30pm $53 YR $62 NR
beginning tribal style 2 (Tribal Fusion Skirt)
CAW14DNC001-11 W Jan 15 - Feb 26 6:30-7:30pm $53 YR $62 NR
intermediate tribal style (Tribal Hand Candles)
CAW14DNC002-11 Jan 15 - Feb 26 7:30-8:30pm $53 YR $62 NR
beginning belly dance - basic (Veil)
CAW14DNC011-11 TH Jan 16 - Feb 27 6:30-7:30pm $53 YR $62 NR
beginning tribal style - basic (Tribal Style)
CAW14DNC012-11 TH Jan 16 - Feb 27 7:30-8:30pm $53 YR $62 NR

Register by calling the Mesa Arts Center register, (480)644-6520, or drop off your registration at the Art Studios at the Mesa Arts Center lobby.
Brochures are at the Mesa Arts Center or visit the Mesa Arts Center website.

Enjoy your weekend and hope to see you in class...Yasmina