Sunday, April 17, 2011

County Fair 2011

What a fun day at the County Fair!!!!  Thank you ladies for being on time and doing such a great job performing!!!  I had such a great time and the kettle corn on the way home hit the spot :-)

I was actually ready when everyone arrived at my house to carpool and caravan to the County Fair.  Sorry Paula I lost you and Debbie on the freeway.  It was so nice to see three cars waiting at the drive way entrance of the fair grounds so we could all enter at the same time.  We made it to the stage on time and no one was performing so we had plenty of time to take photos and clean the stage.

We finally figured out how to run the sound system and we were ready to go.  The music started and the Cabaret class started us off.  The audience started to file in and by the end of the show we had a nice group watching us perform. 

It was so nice watching everyone perform between dances I was in.  Being able to sit on stage with everyone, dance, watch, clap, laugh and hang with everyone was such an awesome time.

Through the entire performance all we could smell was the kettle corn that was right next to the stage!  Being enticed during the show I went to buy a bag for the ride home so the 5 of us could enjoy it.  Katie's mom was also purchasing a bag and she bought us one also.  Thanks Katie's mom for the water and the kettle corn you Rock!!!!

Thank you Kelley for taking such wonderful photos and running our music; excellent job.

Below are photos from our performance.  The first photo is a group shot before we started the show.  Top row is left to right Melissa, Paula, Debbie and Katie.  Second row kneeling Dena, Lisa and Elizabeth and sitting on stage is Christine, myself and Carol.

State Fair will be in October...